Do you own a small business? Then you are aware of the costs and you try the best to spend as less as possible. Today we will talk about ways to promote your website when you have a low budget. We will talk about safe approaches to grow your little business. When you have such a company, you can never be sure that you will have great results. Even though you know that you need to invest in order to have profit, the results can sometimes be poor.

But this idea changed when online marketing came into our world. It’s true, you still need to be as effective as you can. But now, things are different. Even cheaper. Alongside digital marketing, there are important choices to maximize the results even with a low budget. Below we will present you some ways to promote your business with less than $1000.

Low budget ways to promote your business

Organic SEO

Organic SEO allows a company to select and use specific keywords on the website’s pages in order to increase traffic. Follow industry insights from experts in the field. Also, don’t forget about creating free accounts on Google Places and Yahoo! Local.

Secondly, learn how to use the free tools Google provides you (Analytics, Search Console). This way, you can make sure that the structure and content of your website are suitable for the largest search engines.

In the first phase, you can hire an SEO specialist. He can offer you a full audit of your website and a list of recommendations you can implement. On average, the cost of hiring an SEO specialist to perform an audit may require a budget lower than $1000.

Use YouTube

Let’s be honest, there is not a single person in the online world who never heard of YouTube. Basically, it’s the largest video stream website in the world. This network contributes greatly to increase the traffic to your website if it’s well used. There is a very good and fast response of the audience to videos and it’s also very easy to redirect to a website. Another advantage is that you can invest as much as you want in the promotion, even a budget of $1000.

Hire a content writer for your company’s blog

A lot of those who own a small business complain that they don’t have enough time for doing their primary activities. Not to mention updating content on the company’s blog. They should be aware of something: the more qualitative the business blog has, the greater will be the chance to position yourself well in the search engines.

We recommend hiring a freelance writer who can make content for your blog. With a less low budget of $500, you can have 4 monthly quality articles that will increase traffic and interaction on both the blog and the website.

Because search engines put more and more emphasis on quality content, don’t use cheap freelancers. You must put more emphasis on your quality of writing, not on the quantity. It’s better to have 10 top articles, rather than 30 low-quality articles.

Facebook Ads

Millions of people own an account on Facebook and are also active. Most of them are of age between 18-35 years. 60% of the people are actually women.

If your business is targeted at young people or women, then this social network is a good promotion tool. Similar to Google Adwords, based on a budget, you get visitors to your website. According to the criteria set when you created the campaign and depending on the budget, you get more and more visits. Some of them may actually turn into leads.

Create a Facebook page. Promote it! Place targeted ads based on age, gender, location and user interest. You can also promote your business to customers of certain companies or even to your competition.

The advantage? You can get to the top in no time with a low budget of less than $500 monthly.

low budget

Check out our 101 tutorial about how to use social media for a better and wider online presence

Email marketing

Promotion through email marketing is a very good method which can help indecisive clients who need more information in order to buy. This method has been at hand for many years and it’s a strong and powerful way to invite people to discover your offer. It’s very cost-effective, that’s why it’s suitable for small businesses.

For the success of email marketing, you will first need an audience. Attract them by promoting subscriptions to newsletters, competitions, useful content etc. These campaigns encourage people to visit your website to see news or anything that can capture their attention. This way, the traffic to your website is increased and some of the visits may also turn into leads.

We work with some guys from Easy Campaigns that are very professional and we recommend them very dearly.

As a conclusion, there are different ways to promote your business nowadays, especially if you have a low budget. We showed you today some of the most important methods. But they are a lot more. Also, in order to improve your business, you will need to improve yourself. Read and search for valuable information about marketing. This will assure you a better understanding of some concepts and a smooth road to success.

Tell us in the comment section about other ways to promote small companies. How did it work for you? Until next time!


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