what inboud marketing is?

In order to understand better marketing, but also the clients, I like to do all sort of imagination games by applying my knowledge in a similar situation from my life. It helps me very much because it allows me to “think outside the box” and to create more connections. So, when it came to inbound marketing and SEO, I imagined the way a friendship is created. As we all know, the beginning of a friendship consists of a common point. For example, you both like the same movies. Then, you discover that you both look alike from other points of view. You like the same things, you go on in the same places and so on.

Well, the same thing goes with inbound marketing. It helps you create a friendship between you and your target by the content you write and share with them. A content that your customers identify. Thus you get to know yourself better and better.

When everything seems to be going against you

What’s inbound marketing?

The definition would say that it’s a technique to attract clients through content marketing and related activities. Either you post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.), either on your company’s blog or by sending newsletters and emails. However, the content you share needs to be so good as to help you break the ice and create genuine interest. And that’s not so easy.

Think of the fact that even you are daily assaulted with tons of online information that wants your attention. Or, if we return to my exercise, the fact that your friend will not consider just your opinion when he/she will ask you whether to change the job or not. People will always consult with other, but they will only respect the opinion of their inner circles. The same thing happens when it comes to inbound marketing and SEO. These both have to gain customer trust, faith, educate and inspire them. You can’t just tell them anything and the be happy afterward.

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In order to provide good quality information, you need to focus on a few steps that I will introduce below. But it’s just as important to understand your target audience well, to be creative, and to take into account the statistics you need to create an effective inbound marketing strategy.

About inbound marketing – essential elements of the strategy

Content marketing

Content Marketing plays the most important role in inbound marketing because it’s the voice of your brand. What you communicate needs to be so interesting that the content you publish can’t be ignored. To succeed, you need a well-established content marketing strategy. You will also need a constant analysis of messages that worked and those who didn’t. Finally, you will need to track down your customers in order to find out what are their preferences and interests. Do not get discouraged if you don’t have results from the first time. A quality content needs time to be created.

What can you do? Blog posts, articles in various publications, e-books, video, and webinars or any other non-promotional materials that can provide useful information to your customers.


As well as content marketing, SEO needs time to bring results. To reach your audience faster and to grow in search engines, you need to focus on SEO. Search for relevant keywords for your company, which are also sought by clients. Make sure that your website is well-engineered for SEO. Eventually, the whole buying process takes place in the online first, where people gather information about a product. Why not ease their work and let them find you easier?

Social Media

People spend a lot of their free time on social media. Places like Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter are a gold mine for people who know how to gold dig. You should also use these platforms to your advantage. Find out what are the main social media channels your audience uses and take advantage of it! Promote your content, your products, and your services! You can create ads and see advanced intel about your campaigns. Use inbound marketing to your advantage!

Also, social network platforms are a good way to interact with your audience. We encourage you to communicate with them, answer their question and show them that you are able to handle a bad situation with professionalism. Because of that, you will see that in no time, you will have more and more new clients, ready to try your services or products.

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After you manage to attract your clients’ attention and communicate with them, the next step is to convert them into leads. Then, you can generate more sales, therefore more profit for your company. To do so, you will need to optimize the landing page, use SEO and much more. How?

  1. Tell your visitors what are the main reasons they should buy from you. Create powerful call-to-action buttons they can easily see.
  2. Make sure that your website design and landing pages are suitable for creating leads. In fact, there is the place where people will send you their personal data. A nice design will assure that visits will turn into leads.
  3. Optimize the channel you use to bring more traffic to your website.

So, what does a marketer actually follow? He wants to befriend the right people in order to turn them into leads. Specifically, with those ‘Buyer Personas’ around which the whole business revolves and who identifies with the products or services from all point of views. Inbound Marketing helps a lot in this process. Attracting the right consumers requires as much energy as maintaining a long-lasting friendship, to sum up my exercise.

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