Basic information you will need to provide about your business

Do you have an online store, a presentation site, a local business, a marketplace or even a simple blog and want more conversions and sales? Unfortunately, the competitive environment today does not just allow you to exist. In order to attract your target audience attention, you need good marketing and not any promotion strategy is right for your site. Providing valuable information is almost crucial for every business.

That’s why, along with a lot of other factors (lack of time or of knowledge in the field, the advantages of competition, etc.), one of the most popular choices among small, medium and large entrepreneurs is digital marketing agencies.

We are here to make sure that your business will survive and thrive in this Internet world. A marketing agency can save you from mistakes. We can get you out of anonymity quickly, build and consolidate your brand through more or less complex actions. Another plus for you is that although you need to pay a certain amount for your chosen services, they allow you to earn more and reach your goals much faster.

In this regard, today we are discussing the information you need to provide to your marketing agency. At the beginning of the collaboration between your company and ours, in order for us to be able to run a smooth marketing campaign, you will need to provide some vital information and general data about your company and your history. Why?

Because we can’t get your business details from somewhere else.

First of all, you will need to answer a couple of questions in a short brief.

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But what’s a brief?

A brief is a document completed by a client and demanded by an agency. It contains information like:

  • the purpose of the collaboration
  • target audience
  • information and data about the competition
  • calendar
  • budget

Basically, it includes all the data we need to create a viable campaign, with thriving results. We can’t find information regarding your business somewhere else, that’s why you need to provide it to us.

Information included in the brief

  • Organization and the brand

In this category, you will need to write general data of your company:

  1. full name
  2. business object
  3. detailed information about the products or services
  4. mission/vision
  5. the industry in which you operate
  6. creation date of your company
  7. important aspects of your company history

You don’t have to make up stories, just provide punctual data, briefly: Who are you and what’s your business doing? Besides these data, we will need a name and contact dates for the persons in charge of this project. This way, we will be able to communicate better.

  • The reason for the project

Tell us the reasons you want to work with our agency. For example, you may want to:

  1. increase your sales or conversions
  2. launch a brand
  3. do branding (making your products more known in the market)
  4. grow your audience by reaching to other markets
  5. manage your AdWords account etc.

We can’t provide you with an astonishing final outcome if we don’t know vital information that will help us and also your company. Knowing these will make our life easier and you will save lots of money.

  • What’s the target audience? What do we know about them?

Every business has a client avatar, a Buyer Persona, and it’s normal for your company to have such a profile. It would be perfect if you’d know what your target audience is and have an ideal client profile. In this profile, you should include all the information about your target audience:

  1. demographic characteristics (age, gender, civil status, ethnicity, religion, social status, occupation, studies)
  2. general habits
  3. general features – is he energic, sleepy, tired, sporty, or dynamic?
  4. things he likes to do
  5. favorite means of communication (social media networks, email, text, calls etc.)
  6. keywords that attract him – free, offer, discount, fun, family etc.

Here, if you do not have all the necessary information, it is helpful to provide us with general (demographic) information and we will do research on this data.

  • History of messages

Show us the history of all the messages you have sent so far in your campaigns. Also, we will need the results they brought, but also the reputation of your company at that time. Think well, there is a difference between how YOU see your business and how YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE sees it.

Tell us what were your goals for campaigns in the past. How did they work? What types were them? Social Responsibility Campaigns? Product Launch? Campaigns for Holidays? Different campaigns bring different results. Should we focus more on those who gave great results or improve the ones with medium to low results? Depending on your demands, we can take decisions in order to run a smooth marketing campaign for your business.

  • Competition’s way of communicating

Tell us what is your current position on the market, who is your competition, what campaigns they are doing, what messages they send etc.. Maybe you don’t have the necessary information about your competition, but there are a lot of tools that can help you with vital data like:

  1. keywords competition
  2. backlinking
  3. their way of using Facebook and Social Media
  4. age of your and their clients
  5. gender of your and their clients and many other
  • Your ways of communicating. Are they better than your competition’s?

The way you communicate information can help your business or can lead you to bankruptcy. You need to use the suitable media for your company, even if they are Facebook, AdWords, blogs, YouTube videos. Tell us what types of communication your competition uses to send their messages to their target audience and make a comparison with yours. Are they any better? Effective? “Steal” only good information from your competition. Watch the way they handle a crisis situation, a product launch or even the way they react to negative customers. Learn from that!

  • What’s the budget?

Since our first discussion, we need to have in mind one thing: the budget. A lot of marketing campaigns are doomed to failure due to not having enough money. As a result, time and money were spent for nothing. This thing should not happen! You need to set a budget according to your objectives, the size of the company and the channels you want to use.

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For example, if you want AdWords, you must know from the start that a small budget will not bring great results. Also, if you want SEO and want fast result, neither we nor anyone else can help you. SEO brings back result only after 3-4 months of hard work.

As far as we are concerned, we need to know your budget in order to make you a suitable offer. We provide both packages of services at more than decent prices, but also individual ones, with a wide range of prices.

Check out our article about how to deal with online marketing when you are on a low budget

  • Mandatory elements of design

Because we value our work and our clients, we like to deliver a high-quality outcome. So, for this thing to happen, we need some small details from you. Nobody knows the branding element (logo, slogans, colors, font) better than you. We need to know from the start these type of information so as not to infringe on copyright or create a design that is not suitable for your company.

  • Deadlines

Above all, propose a deadline for the campaigns. If you are a very busy person, but you can’t name another contact person, set days. One day or two days when we can meet so we can ask for your feedback and you give us answers. Therefore, we will be able to rake better decisions.

For example, we will send you reports, article or suggestions that need quick answers to implement. If you take 1 or 2 weeks to answer, we are not responsible in case your campaign doesn’t bring great results.

Besides the information in the brief, at the beginning of our collaboration, we will also need:

  • access to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • access to accounts on social networks
  • information about previous audits and penalties, if any
  • access to Google AdWords
  • access to your MailChimp account or other emailing systems
  • an email address on which to create accounts if it does not already exist.

This article will help each other, both you, as a customer, and us, as an agency. Based on these data, the Tadamus team will provide you with customized content and promotional materials on your business and will, therefore, have a stronger impact on your target audience.

The information in today’s article also applies to other marketing agencies. Every time when the customer comes with a wider and more relevant information collection, work starts faster and results are visible and satisfying since the early months.

Want more sales? More customers and more orders? Tell us everything about you and convince your audience that it is worth buying, even more, to become faithful to you.

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