Server Security

The internet is a bundle of servers. Everything around here works with or on a server. The biggest issues on the internet is server related.

WordPress Security

Nowadays, WordPress became one of the biggest targets for 'hackers' around the globe because most of the websites are created with WordPress.

Security Mentoring

Trained employees is the most important key that will assure your company's online security. Don't compromise it by having inexperienced people!

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Tadamus - Tada... and your business is secure
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tadamus on several web development projects in multiple industries. The team is knowledgeable, timely and extremely responsive. They work hard to make certain that the client’s needs are met and that their technology looks well, performs excellent and is extremely secure to avoid any risk of data being compromised. I will continue to work with Tadamus on multiple projects in the future.

Charlotte Wilsher



Tadamus - Tada... and your business is secure

Launching your on-line business is not easy and you need knowledgeable people to partner with in order to make it happen. Tadamus is exactly that partner - young talented people who addressed every one of my concerns. My project was superbly executed by the folks at Tadamus. I would recommend them any time!

Claudiu Geanta



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