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We offer you a chance to make some money without even working. What you have to do is very simple: bring some clients to us and start earning dollars. Behind our program there is an easy idea: you find some people who need digital services (web design, SEO, branding, graphics, security etc.), you charge them YOUR OWN price and then you outsource them to us.

Basically, you are an intermediate between your client and us. We will do the job in your place and you will take the profit. Check out our prices and see how much you can charge your customer. We have a few FAQ down below. You should check them to see the benefits of working with us

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. You can put our services under your name.

No. You are free to ask for any price. We will tell you before how much we will charge for the needed task and then you can charge the amount you want.

Then you can get 30% of our price and the client will need to sign with Tadamus and not with your agency. See theReferralpage for more details.

There isn’t any perfect client you can bring. Although we prefer 10 happy clients rather than 100 unhappy clients, we don’t force you to bring big companies or something like that.

Absolutely not. We are open to any kind of partnership with quality people. Although you need to be accepted by our staff before working with us. 

Well, we guess you can do that. And then you would have to find talented and qualified employees, to manage them, to manage an office, hardware, tools, etc.

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