Web Development

Web Development is a broad term for people who work on developing a website from scratch, obviously. It includes a lot of services and terms that you might never thought about. From creating a plain static image to realizing Internet application or social network services – it is a growing industry. You might have done some web development and you didn’t even know it. 

We are aware of the difficulty of creating a great website from scratch. It involves a lot of effort, time and most important, Internet knowledge and programming languages. But our team of specialized people is here to help! You can rely on us to provide you an amazing outcome that will boost your business to another level. 

Having a fresh, original, and modern design is the new trend. People will love your new website and when people love a thing, they know they can rely on your product. Contact us right away in order to receive a special offer.

Web Design

Even though Web Design and Web Development might sound like one, it’s really not. As Vulnerability and Penetration Testing work hand in hand, the same thing happens with these two. Web Design refers to creating any kind of graphics, from images to colors and forms, layouts or fonts. Basically, everything you see on a website is called design. Our company here can create beautiful mock-ups so that the front-end team will deliver an astonishing result

When you first enter on a website, you see its design. The way images are arranged, the font or layout used, the color scheme and even the content – all are part of the same thing: Web Design. I am sure that you found a website and instantly fell in love with it. Well… that’s the react we receive every time we provide the final results to our clients. The feedback from all our customer is always positive, that’s why we afford to say our work is among the best. Our web design team is at your disposal and ready to deliver the ultimate outcome.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) is another broad term for marketers. If you want to gain better exposure for your online business you must place higher in the main search engines. And how this happens? With high-quality SEO services. Nowadays, when everything happens in the online world (shopping, chatting, meetings etc.), you should take advantage of it and use it for your business. 

How does SEO work?

In one word, SEO uses everything that is measurable (mostly content) in order to send information and data to search engines so your website will be showed in Google’s index. Here you have some tips for great exposure:

  • Target Market Business Analysis using website analysis, competitive analysis, and initial keyword nomination;
  • Keyword Research and Development using keyword analysis and baseline ranking assessment;
  • Content Optimization and Submission using page titles, meta tags and strategic phrases on pages;
  • Continuous Testing and Measuring using maintenance;

But if you don’t want to worry about all these, our qualified SEO team will bring your business to the forefront of the search engines, but only if you are ready to be worldwide famous!


Let’s get honest, offline advertising works less and less these days. All big companies, and even the small size ones are turning their backs to classic publicity. People are starting to realize that the Internet is bigger than they’d ever expect. They begin to use Internet Marketing in their benefit. But don’t think that digital ads are only those we see on the big screen. No! Digital ads are more than that. Also, they doesn’t have to be as expensive as the ones on TV. For small and medium-size companies, our ads policy is very good because they guarantee immediate success just by following a few easy steps.

Why our team is the most suitable for this job? Because we know how to reach out to the heart of your audience. We know what they want, when and why they want a specific product. We have a lot of tools to ensure a smooth ad campaign. Our content will assure that your business attracts new and qualified clients and in the end, your business will thrive. Your online presence is paramount to your success. We use our expertise so you can make informed decisions on how your digital presence should be constructed.

Data Analysis

Data analyze refers to the process of searching and collecting data for a company’s benefit. This way, we can provide valuable information so you can take good decision based on them. A couple of things we can measure with an analysis refers to web data, web traffic, market research and advertising campaigns. A data analysis, when is well done, it can bring an amazing outcome! When you will read our report, you will start making better decisions, better campaigns and better ideas will come to you.

Our specialized team is at your disposal with everything you need to know. We deliver high-quality results within a short period of time. Our company can help you understand better where all those numbers come from. We know how difficult it is to understand a web analysis might be, but we are here to ease your job. No more trying to comprehend what is that chart, what does it measure or what to do with all that data! Tadamus will lead you to success because in order to be worldwide famous, you must first understand your audience. 

Social Media

Social Media or commonly known as Social Media Marketing refers to the act of using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Pinterest in order to promote your business or product. This is a powerful instrument for people all around the globe, for companies of all sizes, to reach out to their audience. When we use our social media tools, we actually get in touch with people, we answer their questions and we get to know what they really want just by posting powerful and meaningful messages. 

What are the benefits of using Social Media Marketing?

  • It will increase your brand awareness – if you will spend only a few hours per week on your social media accounts, your business will thrive;
  • It’s cost-effective – a lot cheaper than a normal marketing campaign;
  • You will have higher conversion rates – with great online visibility, come more opportunities for conversions, increasing the visits to your website and in final, people will get to know you better;
  • Your customers will be happy – they will get all their question answered and when they will have issues, they can come directly to you and you can resolve them;

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