A brand refers to anything that can be seen, touched or smell – name, term, design or symbol that identifies with your business. Think about Burger King – you know its colors, logo, and even the smell of burgers – you can recognize it everywhere. That’s a brand. Think about another worldwide famous company. What about McDonald’s or KFC? You can always know that the X product is made and sold by them. 

Creating a brand in the online world is a very hard thing to do, especially if you are not familiarized with marketing terms and strategies. People come to us more and more often to help them get their business in top. Building a strong brand dame requires good years of your life, when you could have done something better like focusing on your company’s activity to generate profit. You could let our team of experts to take care of this burden for you and you could concentrate all your attention on your business. Let our team help you become international known!

Branding is a thing created for people so this way they will know that the X product has your fingerprints on it. If your company is known not just locally, it will boost your sales, profit, and you will have a whole new category of clients you can work with. Become worldwide famous now!

Ghost Writing

The latest trend among writers and bloggers consists of ghostwriting. What does it mean? Well, it’s very simple. People pay us to write a detailed article, book, Ebook or presentation based on their ideas. Basically, we take their thoughts and make them better. Our marketing team provides an astonishing outcome, as we’ve been told by our clients. Being a ghostwriter is hard for some people, but not for us. It involves a lot of research, time and you have to get know your client very well in order to be able to put his ideas in a way HE wants, without having to rewrite everything. 

Ghostwriting doesn’t necessary refers to book writing or anything with 2 or 3 zeros after the first number. Our specialized team can provide you great articles on a variety of subjects (most of them for digital marketing and security, but they are able to adapt). Because we value our work and clients, the final outcome is original, well-thought and SEO friendly, all so that your business will thrive! Stop worrying about what to write on your blog and give us a call right now!

Email Marketing

“You’ve got mail.” Do you remember hearing that? I bet you even sing it along with it. A couple of years ago, not too far, this was a little sound that announced us we have received an email. Later on, a couple of years later, in our days, we still use it. We can say that this service will never die. And to be honest, we agree with that. Why? Because the best and easiest way to contact a person from another side of the globe is by sending him/her an email. No time boundaries, no language boundaries (since we have Google Translate, we can understand each other better).

But what about Email Marketing? Email marketing is another cost-effective tool we can use when we talk about marketing strategies. Here you have some great advantages if you use it:

  • It’s cheap – As we have seen until now, a lot of digital services are cheaper than their offline versions;
  • You can personalize it – You can send emails to a specific audience, with a specific message;
  • You can reach to your audience very easily – We know that communication is the key, that’s why you should use it in your advantage by using specific tools to reach a specific audience;
  • It will increase your brand awareness – With every email sent, people are exposed to your brand;

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy involves knowing a lot of terms and having a very creative mind. You must anticipate your clients’ behavior, their need and their desires. This kind of strategy is for long-term. Specialists have compressed creating a marketing strategy into 3 short questions you should answer before thinking about it: Where are we now? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? If you are able to answer all these questions, then you are at that point where you can start a successful strategy.

Yet, even though it might sound easy, in reality it’s not like that. It involves a lot of research that might last weeks, even months. There are a couple of tools you need to understand how and when to use them in order to achieve your goal. But lucky for you, our marketing team possess the necessary terms knowledge to bring you an amazing final outcome. If you let us take care of this task, you will see that in no time, the results will not be delayed. Even after just one month of using our strategy, you will see an increase of your sales and profit! When you decide something, you want the maximum of it. This is what we do! We provide amazing results within a short period of time.

Promotional Design

When it comes to marketing, a promotion is any type of marketing communication companies use to inform or persuade target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service, or brand. In one word, brochures, folding, business cards, or any type of paper you receive from promoters is part of a promotion. Promoters are people who are hired by a firm to share different types of brochures to people they meet. Usually, they are places in strategic places. Companies use this tool to increase their brand awareness and to find new audiences. The purpose of a promotion is mostly to increase the company’s demand  (at the same time with sales and profit) and to grow your audience by presenting your product to customers and other people.

Our design team can deliver a modern, yet very effective design for your promotions. Basically, you tell us what you want your promotion to be about, we share ideas and then we get to work. In no time, we will get back at you with the final result. The feedback from our clients is always positive and they are very pleased with what we present. Because we value you as our client, we don’t overrun the deadlines. Our work is always delivered on time! This way, you can start your own promotion right away.

Public Relations

Public relations is part of the basic types of promotion, alongside with advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and personal selling. It is all about managing reputation. There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for.” To sum up this idea, advertising is paid media, while public relations is earned media. Nowadays, everything counts. From the way you answer to your clients on social media when they have a problem to the way you handle a public situation. These little things that you might not find them important are, in fact, very significant. They can help you or they can burry your company. 

We, at Tadamus, know how to handle difficult situations. We have worked with companies that had a few image problems and we solved them in no time. Now, they have a trustworthy public image and their sales are growing as we speak. Along with increasing your business size comes great responsibility. That’s why you should consider having us to deal with any kind of image problems that might appear. We can also make you reliable in front of your clients and investors. 

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