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As we all know – and even if you don’t, you find out now, WordPress is the most used platform worldwide when it comes to creating websites. Because it’s really easy to use, even by people with little knowledge, that are not aware of the online threats, hackers can enter an online database even easier than before. That’s why you should consider having a strong security on your online website a very big priority. Without having security, you are predisposed to cyber attacks. What does that mean? It means that you can lose everything you’ve worked in years just in a few seconds. 

Who can attack your website?

Well, in general, there are three major types of entities that can attack your WordPress site:

  1. People: Real individuals who are staying in front of the computer and are manually probing and attacking your website, hoping to get valuable information and data;
  2. A bot: An automated tool that scans sites all over the web to find common vulnerabilities and to notify one of the bad guys about it.
  3. A botnet: A bunch of automated programs that are coordinated from a central ‘command and control’ server that are made for attacking multiple websites at the same time;

Server Security

Here we are talking about the big boys with big toys. This section is for the medium businesses or big businesses. Since you got to a point where you can afford having your own servers in your own environment. There are so many arguments that can prove why is better to have in-house hardware, there is no reason we explain them here. You can read more about these reasons in this article.

Our main goal is to keep your in-house hardware secured against the bad boys out there. And we do that by combining almost all of our services and many others. A server infrastructure needs to be maintained, tested, “hacked” etc. just to be sure that all the vulnerabilities are covered and your data is safe.

Even if you want to combine the two solutions by having in-house hardware and cloud based backups or even separate your important information from your not so important information by having it in the cloud. You still need to have your in-house hardware secured and your connection between the in-house and the cloud to be safe and constantly tested. 

For the combined solution we can point you to one of our partners that can help you create and manage your cloud infrastructure, and we can team up with them to get your business to its highest level of digital efficiency and security.

Security Mentoring

Lately, we heard more and more people talking about online security. The role and impact of cyber security have begun to be important in nowadays’ world. And because of that, people are finally starting to understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Our team of experts is here to help you with that. We offer full support for people who want to learn more about security and their online privacy. 

Why should you consider cyber mentoring?

Because it helps and reduces your organization’s risk by raising your employees awareness about Internet security and cyber-attacks. You and your staff will learn a lot about the perks of having a strong password and keeping your software up to date, knowing how a spam email looks like, why is good to have enforced security policies and much more.

Who is addressed to?

Everyone who wants to learn more about their online security. From small companies to giant brands. Or even one person. All you need is enthusiasm and willing to learn. 

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (aka Pen Test or Ethical Hacking) is done by professional people to help you find out security breaches before real hackers do. It is performed in a controlled environment, under close surveillance of our specialists. If our other services only talk about security, now we tell you how we do it. Penetration testing is an amazing tool that can actually save your online business. But only before you get attacked. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure.

Vulnerability Scanning vs Pen Test

Even though they might look the same, there are some differences between these two. The first one only searches for vulnerability, whilst a Pen Test will actually exploit those breaches. You can say they work hand in hand. These two extraordinary tools, when in the right hands, can do miracles for your business. Keep in your mind that security is absolutely necessary for your website! Let us get rid of this burden and start making your business grow!

Automated Testing

If a penetration test is done manually, we can’t say the same about automated testing. Basically, our team of experts can create a bot that will search and find your website’s vulnerabilities. You should use this tool only when you want to get the maximum of your return of investment (ROI). And let’s be honest, we all want the maximum results.

Why and when you should use automated testing?

There are a lot of advantages of using automated testing. Among them, the most important one is that you can control your own security. If done frequently and early, they can bring you the best results. The more bugs you find, the better because we can fix them faster. Well, to be honest though, we would happy if we don’t discover too many.

Here you have some situations when you might consider using automated testing instead of penetration testing:

  • when you have the same test to do on multiple sites;
  • when there are some tests where human errors are not allowed;
  • when there are tests that are impossible to be done manually;
  • when there are tests that require a lot of effort and time when done manually;
 Leave all these tech terms and problems to us right now. Since we are specialized in security, we know what we are doing so you can sleep well at night, without concerning whether or not your data is safe.


Security Strategy

Why are there attacks on your website?

The main objective of a hacker is to take over your WordPress website at an administrative level. What does it mean? It means that from that point, they can create, read, and delete any files and data in your database they want. This way, you can lose all your work you’ve gained in months, maybe even years. Your website can behave badly, the content on it might looks like spam and they can steal all your clients’ private and confidential information. Why would someone want that? For some reasons:

  • To send spam: If hackers have emails from your database, they can run some scripts and send spam emails to your audience;
  • To host malicious content and avoid filters: If your website is white listed by Google, there are a lot of chances that you’d be target of attackers; this way, they can use your website for their own purpose, hosting pornography, selling illegal drugs and spam content. Even if this is for a short period – until Google finds out, they can make a lot of money;
  • To steal data from your website: As we have seen before, stealing data is a main purpose for hackers. This way, they can do a lot with your database. Even if you don’t think your clients’ privacy is not important, we are here to contradict you – hackers can do so much with those types of sensitive data. That’s why you should consider having strong security.

Our experts will provide a full strategy in order to help you achieve strong security of your website.

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