Server security it’s our way to talk about network security. The technical term for it is Network Security and it’s one of the biggest problems of all time when we are talking about internet. When you see all those news about companies getting hacked it’s probably a network vulnerability. Let’s see what the internet tells us about network security or server security.

Network security consists of the policies and practices adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Network security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator. Users choose or are assigned an ID and password or other authenticating information that allows them access to information and programs within their authority. Network security covers a variety of computer networks, both public and private, that are used in everyday jobs; conducting transactions and communications among businesses, government agencies and individuals. Networks can be private, such as within a company, and others which might be open to public access. Network security is involved in organizations, enterprises, and other types of institutions. It does as its title explains: It secures the network, as well as protecting and overseeing operations being done. The most common and simple way of protecting a network resource is by assigning it a unique name and a corresponding password.(Source: Wikipedia)

How can that help me?

If you are one of the big boys out there or you want to become one of the big boys and have some big toys for your business and your clients, you probably will need some servers to do some tasks for you or to host some information. Those servers will be targeted by the black-hat guys, and that might cause a lot of trouble. At least in cases when you can recover what they broke. If you can’t, it’s just lost. To prevent that loss the best solution would be to have someone experienced to watch over your server security or network security.

As we already said, when you see all those news about companies getting hacked or about the huge damage that was caused by the bad guys. That happens every day and every company that’s making a name for itself becomes a target. And the reasons for that are your reputation, your competitors, the data about your customers that you may hold in your servers, or just because some kid heard about you growing and wants to see if they can hack you. 

Talking about competitors, did you know that some of those attacks in the news are caused by people paid by competitors? We know it’s sad in a way or another but that’s how people do business nowadays, by hacking their competitors and putting them down. In this case every business that has a competitor might need some server security assistance or someone to watch over their network security.

Do you want your network tested?

In-house vs Tadamus

Since this is such an important matter, some of you may think about hiring an in-house person to take care of these things for you. But that might not be the best idea since having in-house employees cost way more than having a contractor for the same job. 

Probably the biggest benefit of having us taking care of your server security or your network security is that you don’t get only one guy watching your network. You get a whole team of experienced people that’s managed by someone else, so you don’t need to spend your time managing employees.

Another benefit of having us watching your security is the qualified personnel. Since we all have security services and development background we know who is qualified enough for our clients, so you don’t need to waste time on searching for the right people.

Can I do it myself?

Probably not. If you do not have enough experience and you didn’t ‘hack’ anything until now you probably are not a good fit for your network security needs. Let’s see some of the things you need to know to do it:

  • Server Administration
  • Networking
  • Penetration Testing

And that’s not everything. You should know many other things in order to take care of your server security or network security.

Console? This is how it looks.

server security or network security

Do you want your network tested?

Who can use this kind of service?

As previously said, this service is mainly for the big boys or for the ones who are planning to become big boys. Since not everyone has a server network where they would need server security or network security. But that doesn’t mean this service is only for those guys. Even the smaller guys can benefit from this if they have an servers or they have a small network. Let’s make a list of 5 client profiles that can benefit from server security.

  1. Pharmaceutical companies
  2. Web Software Companies
  3. Cloud Providing Companies
  4. Companies with a user base
  5. Analytics companies

So... is server security just for the big companies?

Definitely not, as we already said, everyone that has or needs a server can use this type of service for their server security. 

That being said... how can I learn more about it?

Well… ask us. Somewhere in the bottom right you should have a widget with a chat. We answer pretty fast to questions there.

Maybe you want to talk directly with an expert about your issues, in that case you should click here or on that button down there which will take you to one of our network security experts.

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